2018 Spring Newsletter

Grilling and Thunderstorms

Taking advantages of all that summer has to offer is something we all look forward to. Make sure you get your tank filled and develop a plan to make safety a priority.

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Update on prices

It’s always hard  to predict which direction propane and oil prices will go next, because so many factors contribute to the rise and fall of energy prices, including unforeseen events like severe weather and global politics.

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Level out your fuel costs

Heating costs can really add up during extremely cold winters like the one we just experienced. That’s why we offer the Level Payment Plan, which makes managing your household budget a lot easier.

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Snapshot: Jessica Light

After nearly 20 years  was a customer-service representative at our company, Jessica Light knows a thing or two about getting through a tough winter.

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Ask Zac

Zac Cromie, general manager of Smith’s propane division, answers why a propane furnace is able to heat a home better than an electric heat pump.

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How much do you know about propane & oil heat?

Surveys have shown that while propane and heating oil customers have exceptionally high levels of satisfaction with the service they receive, most don’t realize all the ways their home fuel can enhance their comfort and save them money.

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Case Study: Delivering Propane to an Experiential School in Bolivar, PA

Since they started working together, Smith Propane has installed propane tanks above and below ground, performed regular maintenance, and helped an experiential school in Bolivar, PA expand.

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Upgrade and Save for $250 Rebate on New Heating Oil Tank Install

Right now, customers and new customers of Smith can receive a 250 dollar rebate when they replace or upgrade to an aboveground heating oil tank.

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