Kansas City School District Plans to Save Big on Propane-Powered Bus Fleet

Last week, the Kansas City Star published an article on Kansas City’s upcoming school year. The public school district will use a fleet of buses powered by propane instead of gasoline. This, in turn, will make the buses quieter, more efficient, and save the district upwards of 500,000 dollars. See a brief excerpt of the article below and view the full article at the link.

“When Kansas City Public School students climb aboard their buses on the first day back to school next month, they’ll definitely notice something has changed.


Maybe they will see that their bus is a brighter, shinier yellow, or that the firm seats have never been sat upon — improvements you’d expect on a new bus.


But in addition, they might notice the buses are much quieter. That’s what happens when an entire fleet runs on propane.


The district this year is rolling out 155 new, 75-passenger buses powered on propane — the first district in the metro area to operate its whole transportation service on that alternative fuel.



Full article: https://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article233054652.html?sfns=mo